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using picture cued can improve speaking skill


School                                     : SMPN I Tabanan
Class/Semester                        : VIII/I
Subject                                                : English
Aspect/Skill                             : Speaking
Standard Competencies          :12. Expressing the meaning of the transactional and oral simple interpersonal to interact with the environment.
Basic Competencies                :12.2 (Speaking) Expressing  the meaning in the transactional (to get things done) and interpersonal that use spoken language accurately, fluently, and acceptability in everyday life context in the form of picture cued.
Indicator                                 :Giving reaction to the simple picture cued, appropriately and orally.
Learning Objectives                :Students are given a chance to see a simple picture cued about profession, students are able to express the simple picture cued  appropriately and orally based on what they see(75%).
Time allocation                        : 2 x 40 minutes.

1.      Learning Materials.
a.       Picture- Cued
Picture is a painting, drawing,etc, that shows a scene, a person or thing.
One of the more popular ways to elicit oral language performance is a picture-cued stimulus that requires a description from the test- taker. Picture may be very simple, designed to elicit a word or a phrase and some more elaborate or composed of a series that tells a story or incident.

b.      In order to make the students more interest in speaking, I choose the simple  topic, that’s about profession, where profession is type of job that need special knowledge. Start from the simple topic that the students  know well, it will make them easier to express it.

c.       Speaking using picture-cued task.
In this sub discussion you will speak using picture-cued task.
      Speaking using pictur- cued ,  the test taker should :
-          Don’t afraid to speak, just say what do you know.
-          Prepare your self before speaking
-          See  the picture carefully and try to express what the picture-cued tell about.
-          When you speak, you shoud focus and don’t do something else that can make you loss consentratin.

d.      In here, you will be given some pictures ,  then you try to express the picture,  appropriately and orally based on what you see.

This is the example of picture – cued task.

Pay attention to the following picture then try to express it appropriately and orally based on what you see.

She is a teacher
            She works in a school
            She gives us knowledge

They are receptionist
Their job is to deal with visitors to a hotel, office building, etc
He is a doctor
His job is to check the patient

2.      Learning Technique.
Three – Phases Technique

3.      Learning Activities.
Pre Learning Activities (± 10 minutes)
Greet the students.
Check students attendance.
Motivate the students and give the general information about the topic that will be discuss.
Tell about the learning objective that will be reach.
1 m
2 m
4 m

3 m

Whilst activities (± 60 minutes)

Ask leading question that related with the topic.

Lead the students to see the example of picture cued.
Explain about picture cued and profession
Ask the students to express picture cued about prefession, appropriately and orally based on what they see
Guide the students in order to express picture cued.

Ask the students to see picture cued and express it  in front of the class, orally.

3 m

7 m

25 m


15 m

15 m

Post activities (± 10 minutes)

Ask the students’ difficulties.
Conclude the lesson

5 m
5 m

4.      Learning Resources
Acess to English for Senior High School jilid 1A
Bahasa untuk SMA kelas X semester I

Technique                    :  Oral test.
Form                            :  Performance.
Instrument                   :  See the table spesification.

Table Spesification Assessment
Learning Objective
AS and Content
Key answer
Giving reaction to the simple picture -cued, appropriately and orally.
 Students are given a chance to see a simple picture-cued about profession,students are able to express the simple picture-cued,appropriately and orally based on what they see(75%).
AS 1

AS 2

Key answer


Name                                                        (                             )Date                              
Please pay attention to the following picture on the slide, then express the picture appropriately and orally based on what you see.












1.      He is a police
He works in a street
      He keeps our safety
      He catches thieves
      He also handle traffic
2.      She is a dentist
Her  job is to take care of people’s teeth
She works in the dentistry
3.      He is a postman
His job is to collect and deliver letters
He works in the post office
4.      He is a barber
His job is to cut the people’s hair
5.      He is a cook
His job is to cook food
He works in the restaurant,hotel,etc
6.      She is a waitress
She works in a restaurant
      Her tasks is to serve customers
      She gives us  menu and take our order
7.      He is a judge
His job is to decide cases in a law court
He works in the court-house
8.      He is a student
His job is studying at college or university
9.      She is a nurse
She works in a hospital
She helps doctor and patients
10.  He is a butcher
His job is to cut up and sell meat in a shop


Name: ___________________________  ( ____________ ) Date: __________________
Scoring response on picture-cued task varies, depending on the expected performance criteria. The task above just for one-word or simple sentence responses can be evaluated simply as “ correct” or “ incorrect”. The three point rubric :
Scale of  score: LOWER  0  1  2    HIGHER
For each criterion give the score between 0 (less) dan 2 (very good).

 Comprehensible, acceptable target form
Comprehensible, partially correct target form
Silence, or seriously incorrect target form



Obtain score
Maximum score
Scale : 90 – 100 = A  75 – 89 = B  60 – 74 = C ≤ 59 = D

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