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Om Swastyastu.
Good Morning Bali Tv viewers. We are comeback again in the program “ An Interactive Dialogue “ still with me Putu Sri Darmayanti will accompany you 30 minutes later. Today we will discuss the hot issue in Bali , that is “ The Increasing Popularity of HIV AIDS “ . Well, in the studio we have the arrival of speaker is Mrs. Ni Made Paridayanti. She is the chairman of The Commission for the Eradication of HIV AIDS.
Ama    : Good Morning Mrs. Parida. How are you today?.
Parida  : Good Morning, I am fine thank you.
Ama    : Well, we directly to our topic today. Mrs. We know that people who suffering HIV AIDS, day after day always increase especially in Bali. How is your opinion with this phenomenon?            
Parida  : Thanks. Before that, I would like to inform you that people who suffering HIV AIDS in Bali always increase. In 2004 the sufferer about 4000 people, increase to be 7000 people in 2010, and until now its more than 7000 people. HIV AIDS has caused the death  of people in Indonesia more than 25 million.
Ama    : This phenomenon is very terrible to us. How exactly HIV AIDS is ? Why it is regarded as very frightening disease  for all of people in the world Mrs. ?
Parida  : HIV AIDS is a disease that can cause death. HIV is Human Immunodeficiency Virus is virus that to weaken the immunity system in human body. People who suffering this will become vulnerable to infection of opportunistic. While, AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, where this disease step by step will damage the immunity system in  human body.
Ama    : How do viruses spread so quickly Mrs. ? We always see in real life , that people who suffering HIV AIDS is forbidden close to us, or we always to avoid them, because in our mind that we will be infected if we close to them. Is it right Mrs. ?
Parida  : That is wrong perception. The society inclined make wrong perception to judge  the sufferer of HIV AIDS.  As we know that  HIV AIDS and similar viruses are generally transmitted through direct contact between the layers of skin, bloodstream, and also with body fluids which containing HIV.
Ama    : So we will never infected that virus through touch each other or through the air ?
Parida  : Yes, that’s right. So we don’t worry about it.
Ama    : OK. How about with pregnant mother that suffering HIV AIDS and also sexual intercourse. Is it influential at all ?
Parida  : It is very influential at all. The infection of HIV AIDS can occur through blood transfusion , sexual intercourse ( vaginal , anal , oral ), contaminated needles. Besides that, between pregnant mother and her baby during pregnancy , childbirth, or breast feeding and the other form of contact with body fluids.
Ama    : So the infection of HIV AIDS only caused by direct contact Mrs. ?
Parida  : Yes. But, we often see in social life, that social punishment to the sufferer of HIV AIDS is more severe than the other deadly disease. Sometimes, that punishment also received by the volunteer who treating the patient of HIV AIDS.
Ama    : May be because the society don’t know how HIV AIDS exactly.
Parida : We also can’t judge them, because they don’t know. So, I and all of my friends from the Commission for the Eradication of HIV AIDS always do  compaign and illumination to the society about what is HIV AIDS.
Ama    : Oooooo,,,,oooo,,,,ooo,,oooo like that. But we often see that many people work as a sexual commercial worker. Because right know people will do anything to fulfill their daily need. Most of the men like do sexual intercourse with the PSK. How about with this phenomenon?
Parida  : This is big problem for us. We must know that heterosexual factor or sexual intercourse with many people is the most factor that caused HIV AIDS. We should not do sexual intercourse with other, because we don’t know which people are infected, which people are not.
Ama    : As we know. To prevent HIV AIDS is very complex. So, what should we do?
Parida  : We are should work together to resolve this problem. As we know that HIV AIDS is very terrible.
Ama    : Its very difficult. Right Mrs,? As chairman of Commission for Eradication of HIV AIDS, what have you done to decrease the growth of HIV AIDS sufferer.
Parida  : Well, we are from Commission for eradicating of HIV AIDS already done something, like giving illumination and many solutions to decrease it. We hope the society could join with us to resolve this big problem. Recently we are focus to build a clinic that will be establish for the prevention of HIV AIDS from the pregnant mother to her baby. That now focused on the area with highest cases such : Singaraja, Denpasar, and Badung.
Ama    : Why do  you build the clinic just for pregnant mother to her baby. What about the other clinic. Will be the next project?
Parida  : Sure. HIV AIDS is very terrible to us. The sufferer of HIV AIDS especially the babies are very  high. A lot of babies who died of  HIV AIDS infected.
Ama    : Woww that’s terrible. I am sorry to hear that. How do we prevent this
 Virus ? Is there a cure of this disease?
Parida  : HIV AIDS is one of the deadly disease that until now has not found the cure. However, there are 5 steps that we can do to prevent the infection of HIV AIDS.
·         Avoid free sex. Someone who often do free sex will be infected of HIV AIDS.
·         Every man or woman must be faithful to their partners. Don’t ever do sexual intercourse to the other.
·         If we can’t keep our desire to do sexual intercourse, we should use condom. That’s one alternative to reduce the risk of infection of HIV AIDS.
·         Avoid the use of syringe alternately.
·         Avoid infection through blood transfusion.
Ama    : Woww that’s easy step that everyone could do that.
Well Bali Tv viewers, 30 I have accompanied you. Before I close this dialogue, Mrs. Do you have last message that you want to say to the viewers.
Parida  : Thank you very much. I just want to inform to you that HIV AIDS is  dangerous for us that can cause death. So, from now please avoid the virus of AIDS and don’t ever avoid the people who suffering AIDS.
Thank for your coming Mrs. And I hope all people know about how HIV AIDS actually.
I’m so sorry if I have made some mistakes. We will meet next week on the same program.
Thank you for watching and Om Shanty Shanty Shanty Om

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